Stephanie & Dime's Wedding
The Grand - Totowa, NJ

the grand

About the Venue

As the name implies, The Grand is grand with an exquisite ambiance complete with vaulted ceilings and dazzling Swarovski Chandeliers. Complimentary to the inside, the outside is complete with a well-manicured half-moon courtyard, water fountains, and a gazebo. 

With a large bell to ring in new chapters, The Grand hosts a wide range of big events, from business meetings to weddings in Totowa NJ. Their dedicated, professional creative staff is sure to exact your vision. 

Their in-house chef prepares wonderful fruit, bread, cheese, sushi, and meat assortments to keep your guests more than content before the main, savory entree.

Stephanie & Dime

Stephanie and Dime’s wedding at The Grand was a beautifully orchestrated celebration. The day started with getting-ready photos that were both dainty and elegant, thanks to the soft, natural light streaming through the windows. These photos perfectly captured her anticipation and excitement of the day.

The Orthodox ceremony was a highlight, featuring stunning crowns that added a touch of regal elegance. The ceremony’s traditional elements underscored the profound commitment Stephanie and Dime were making to each other.

Before the reception, the couple took some adorable photos with their beloved dog, adding a personal and heartwarming touch to the day. The reception that followed was nothing short of magical. The ballroom, adorned with chandeliers and illuminated with cool blue lighting, created an enchanting atmosphere. Guests had a fantastic time dancing and celebrating with the newlyweds, making it a night to remember.

The evening concluded with Stephanie and Dime posing for stunning outdoor night shots by the illuminated fountain. These photos beautifully captured the romance and splendor of their special day, providing a perfect ending to a perfect celebration.

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