Megha & Kush's Wedding
The Marigold- Somerset, NJ

the marigold

About the Venue

The Marigold is a venue blossoming with an assortment of amenities to cater to various wedding sizes and preferences.

Boasting two large Ballrooms adorned with imported crystal chandeliers, The Marigold and Sandalwood can accommodate 600 and 300 guests, respectively. This ensures that all those you love can attend and dance the night away on the oversized dance floors.

At Marigold, brides are pampered to the utmost in a luxurious bridal suite on the mezzanine level, complete with showers.

Even your audio and visual material are handled with complimentary wifi, wireless microphones and concealed screens with projectors.

Megha & Kush

Megha & Kush have a very adorable story of how they first met. They were both on a flight to Nashville. Megha knew she had to speak with him as soon as she saw him. However, he started falling asleep mid conversation, since he always gets sleepy in any moving vehicle, whether its a car, train, or plane. 10 minutes later, Kush perks up and continues the conversation for the rest of the flight! 

On the trip, the two went for a nighttime walk and looked at the stars. Kush wanted to express his affection, so he picked a flower and gave it to Megha. Megha responded with “I have to leave.” Kush later found out that she is allergic to pollen, and she didn’t want him to see that her face had become red. Ever since then, Kush only gets Megha roses!

Megha and Kush’s wedding reception at The Marigold was a gorgeous affair. They captured stunning photos by the railing and the iconic gold chandelier, which highlighted the elegance of the venue. Dressed in complementary purple and green garments adorned with intricate silver detailing, they looked perfectly coordinated.

The wedding theme featured abundant white and purple accents, harmonizing beautifully with their outfits. Their cake was a masterpiece, perfectly matching the theme and adding to the overall elegance. The flowers were lush and vibrant, enhancing the beauty of the celebration.

Photos taken by the gazebo were particularly heartwarming, showcasing their radiant love. The joy and affection captured in those images were unmistakable and truly infectious, reflecting the happiness of their special day.

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